California Dreamin’ Jewish Poetry Collection

Three books by three Los Angeles Jewish poets

by Julia Knobloch, Lori Levy, and Abe Mezrich


Feet In L.A., But My Womb Lives In Jerusalem, My Breath In Vermont

Book of Failed Salvation

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Words for a Dazzling Firmament

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About this book

Dive into a world where poetry meets spirituality, introspection, and the ongoing dislocations of modernity, with our exclusive book bundle featuring Lori Levy’s Feet In L.A., But My Womb Lives In Jerusalem, My Breath In Vermont, Julia Knobloch’s Book of Failed Salvation, and Abe Mezrich’s Words for a Dazzling Firmament.

Lori Levy’s collection paints a vivid portrait of life’s ebb and flow across continents, blending LA’s contemporary vibe with deep-rooted connections to Jerusalem and Vermont, evoking a sense of universal longing and belonging. Julia Knobloch explores the intricate dance of love, loss, and the pursuit of spiritual and emotional connection, weaving her journey through the landscapes of LA, Israel, and beyond with tender longing and poignant reflection. Abe Mezrich delves into the rich tapestry of Jewish teachings and spirituality, offering poetic reflections on Genesis and the beginning of Exodus that bridge the ancient and the contemporary.

Together, these works create a mosaic of experiences that resonate with anyone navigating the complex terrains of identity, place, and faith in today’s world.