Words for a Dazzling Firmament

Poems/Readings on Bereishit Through Shemot

by Abe Mezrich


This item will be released on October 11, 2022.
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About this book

In his third book of poetic Midrash, Abe Mezrich breathes new life into the first third of the Torah.

About the Author

Abe Mezrich wants to know what our sacred texts say about our world right now. Sometimes he writes down his answers to those questions.

His writing, some featured (sometimes in edited form) in this book, has appeared in 929, The Forward, The Los Angeles Jewish Journal, Lehrhaus, Tablet, The New York Jewish Week, and Zeek. His prior books, The House at the Center of the World: Poetic Midrash on Sacred Space and Between the Mountain and the Land Lies the Lesson: Poetic Midrash on Sacred Community, are also available through Ben Yehuda Press.

He lives with his wife Kathi and their three children. Learn more at www.abemezrich.com.