The Arthur Waskow and friends collection

Liberating Your Passover Seder


In 1969, Arthur Waskow created the Freedom Seder to address America’s racial issues a year after the assassination of Martin Luther King. It began a revolution in American Judaism, using the ancient Passover Seder ritual to tell a contemporary story of liberation and combining the ancient and the timely in a way that lay the path for subsequent […]

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Down-to-Earth Judaism


In Down-to-Earth Judaism, Jewish Renewal pioneer Rabbi Arthur Waskow focuses on the pillars of a spiritual life in the real world and the guide-posts that mark the communal path for the modern Jewish practitioner. To help readers infuse the rich traditions of Judaism into daily life, he examines what the Bible and the Talmud tell […]

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Tales of Tikkun


Tikkun means to repair and heal. With this book of new Jewish tales fashioned from ancient stories, Rabbis Berman and Waskow aim to repair our past, renew our future, and captivate our imaginations. The eleven stories in this volume draw from and expand the midrashic tradition of Jewish creativity. They include a mythical quest by […]

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Before There Was A Before


“I enjoyed reading it very much indeed. I am always delighted when somebody points out that God has a sense of humor.” — Madeleine L’Engle, author of A Wrinkle in Time “Dazzlingly good. … Arthur Waskow and his children have proven once again that, no matter how familiar a story is, there is always something […]

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The Arthur Waskow and friends collection


Three classics and one brand new book from the pen of Arthur Waskow and his collaborators.

  • Down-to-Earth Judaism

  • Tales of Tikkun

  • Before There Was A Before

  • Liberating Your Passover Seder