Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is

Jewish Wisdom to Transform Your Investments for Good

by Rabbi Jacob Siegel


This item will be released on November 14, 2023.

Advance Praise

“This is a truly remarkable book. I recommend it as a must-read to people who would like to invest more ethically…This book is an intellectual delight. It offers a cornucopia of good ideas, institutions, and advisers. These can ease the transition for institutions and individuals from pure profit nature investing to deploying one’s capital to repair the world, lift up the poor, and aid the needy and vulnerable. The sources alone – ranging from the Bible, Talmud, and codes to contemporary economics and sophisticated financial reporting – are worth the price of admission.”

–Rabbi Irving “Yitz” Greenberg

“This book is a model example of how to think through the deepest problems of our time–it proceeds from a coherent ethical code to strong but plausible action, and it combines the necessary analytical calm with the even more necessary conviction that we are in a difficult place where mch is demanded from those of us who can give it. A tour de force that will make a serious difference in the world!”

–Bill McKibben, author, The End of Nature, founder, 350.org