In the Fever of Love

An Illumination of the Song of Songs

by Shefa Gold


About this book

You don’t have to be a mystic to enjoy Rabbi Shefa Gold’s new commentary on the Song of Songs, but it may make you into one. Rather than address herself to the reader, she speaks directly, and passionately, to God, The Beloved. She invites us to share in her conversation with life itself, with the mystery that wells “at the center of every molecule, at the heart of my being.”

IN THE FEVER OF LOVE breathes new life into the ancient practice of both Jews and Christians to read the Song as an allegory of the love between God and human beings. This rich, poetic text of can be used for pondering, praying, and perceiving life in a deeper way by people of any faith, but remains deeply rooted in Judaism’s down-to-earth approach to the world. Rabbi Gold brings a modern psychological awareness to this ancient text.

For those who want specific directions, she appends ten “commandments” from the Song which can be maxims for daily living.