Are We There Yet?

Travel as a Spiritual Path

by Shefa Gold


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Torah as a guide to personal growth

About this book

It’s the perpetual question: Are we there yet? But impatience can cloud the real question: Where are we right now? Are We There Yet? shows a way to turn travel into a spiritual practice.

From The Gully to The Crossroads—walking, driving, flying—Rabbi Shefa Gold shares her experience and insight on travel and helps us reexamine our natural inclination to focus on our destinations—both physical and spiritual. Ride along with her on her many journeys—some mundane, some mysterious, and a few near miraculous—and discover the joy of what can happen when you stop worrying about there and focus on here.

Are We There Yet? lets you tap into the potential of each journey—starting with the first step.

Part memoir, part spiritual how-to, Are We There Yet is the fourth book from Rabbi Shefa Gold, the author of Torah Journeys, In the Fever of Love, and The Magic of Hebrew Chant and the composer of several albums of Jewish liturgical music.

Advance Praise

In Are We There Yet, Rabbi Shefa Gold reminds us that on the spiritual path, each step is the destination. Her spirituality infuses her travel with moments of being, just as her travel infuses her spirituality with movement and dynamism. This is a delightful little book.

Rabbi Jay Michaelson, author of The Gate of Tears: Sadness and the Spiritual Path

This is Rabbi Shefa at her quintessential, charismatic best: tour guide to life itself, demonstrating how every moment can open into discovery, awakening, revelation.”

Sylvia Boorstein, author of That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist: On Being a Faithful Jew and a Passionate Buddhist

Go with Rabbi Shefa Gold on a powerful internal and external voyage. She will show you how to connect to nature, environment, God, and, ultimately, yourself. She takes you through pain and uncertainty to gratitude and awe. This is very intimate time with a spiritual leader who understands the true meaning of the word “spiritual.” Be sure to read with a highlighter pen in hand because there are many gems you will want to go back to again and again.”

Judith Fein, author of Life is a Trip and The Spoon from Minkowitz.

We are all nomads wandering in a world of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual fluidity, and yet desperately grasping at anything that promises to maintain the illusion of constancy. With Shefa Gold as our guide, however, we transform desperation into inspiration, and wandering into wondering. Are We There Yet is a travel guide for those who dare to walk not from here to there, but from here to here and here again.”

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of The Tao of Solomon

Rabbi Shefa Gold takes us as happy companions on her globe-trotting adventures, and invites us into the inner journeys—hers and ours—that travel inspires. Pack your bags! In this picaresque book, you’re in for an illuminating treat for your senses and a deep awakening of your soul.”

Rabbi Wayne Dosick, author Living Judaism and The Real Name of God