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4th Annual
Ben Yehuda Press
Labor Day BBQ and Literary Hootenanny

Ben Yehuda Press will kick off its fall season with a Literary Hootenanny, at which selected authors will present excerpts from their published and forthcoming books.
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The Hootenanny will take place at the Ben Yehuda Press home office, 430 Kensington Rd., Teaneck, New Jersey at 1 p.m. on Labor Day, Monday, September 1st.. The Ben Yehuda Press Hootenanny is free and open to the general public.

It was on Labor Day, 2005, that Ben Yehuda Press released its first title, Torah & Company by Rabbi Judith Abrams.

Three years later, the independent publishing house boasts 17 titles in print. Works range from fiction to poetry, to Torah study, Jewish scholarship, memoir and biography. Ben Yehuda Press authors include Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist rabbis, as well as socialists, Yiddishists, Kabbalists, agnostics, atheists and rabble rousers.

Just as a Hootenanny throws voices togetherbringing together the folk songs and the music of America―the Ben Yehuda Press Literary Hootenanny brings forth the song of American Jewish Creativity. Rabbis, Atheists, Scholars and Poets will channel for us to hear

• the voice of two Jewish bloggers setting the record straight about God in this election season

the voices of a talented couple who channel the relationship between God and Moses onto a comic book page

the voice of one who charts a path to understand the Kabbalah

and a master storyteller channeling the voice of the shtetl.



  • Louis Rieser will read from The Hillel Narratives: What do Talmudic Tales of the First Rabbi Teach us about our Faith?, a work that Jacob Neusner called, "A fresh and engaging reading of the rabbinic biography. Louis Rieser has reopened the rabbinic stories and made them interesting again."

  • Roslyn Bresnick-Perry, award-winning storyteller, will tell some tales from her upcoming book, I Loved My Mother on Saturdays, a collection of heartwarming stories that stretch from life in the shtetl, to the Bronx, to Florida.
  • Rabbi David Ornstein, will discuss his delightful children's book to be published by Ben Yehuda Press,  Four Bright Lights: A Hanukkah Tale of the Underground Railroad

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