Three Jewish books for a time of plague

by Erin Leib Smokler, T.S. Mendola, Lavie Tidhar, and Rebecca Levene, editors


Buy Torah in a Time of Plague, winner of the National Jewish Book Award for Modern Jewish Thought and Experience, along with Strange Fire and Jews vs. Zombies and save 25%.

Torah in a Time of Plague

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Jews vs Zombies

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About this book

Scholars, theologians, writers, and poets respond to plagues, contemporary, historical, and fictional, in these three original volumes from Ben Yehuda Press. Torah in a Time of Plague won the National Jewish Book Award for best 2021 book on Modern Jewish Thought and Experience. Strange Fire presents a art, poetry, essays, and short stories that explore our more-or-less heretical relationship to Judaism in times of crisis. Jews vs Zombies brings together stories from the light-hearted to the profound. Buy them together and save 25%.

Torah in a Time of Plague - Contents


  1. Theological Vertigo in Proximity to Plague Erin Leib Smokler

The Theology of Plague

  1. Covid-19 and the Theological Challenge of the Arbitrary Shaul Magid

  1. Theodicy and the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune Gordon Tucker

  1. Loving God Through Life and Death: An Embodied Theology of Loss Aviva Richman

  1. The Natural Disaster Theology Dilemma David Zvi Kalman

  1. Between Immanence and Transcendence: Jewish Ideas of God and Suffering Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi

  2. The Biblical Plagues and Our Plague: An Anthropocentric Theology Chaim Seidler-Feller

  3. Love in a Time of Absence: Rashi on Song of Songs and Isolation Devorah Schoenfeld
  1. Keter and Corona: Perspectives from the Jewish Mystical Tradition Art Green

Jewish Community and Practice Under Duress

  1. Collective Tragedies and the Politics of Mourning Sara Labaton
  1. “A People’s Multitude is a King’s Splendor:” Communal Practices Beyond Prayer Ayelet Hoffmann Libson

  2. Collectivism and Individualism in the Time of Plague Jon A. Levisohn

  1. Pandemic and the Jewish Household Deena Aranoff

  1. Standing Together: Covid-19, Community and Solidarity Ariel Evan Mayse

  2. Building an Ark in the Midst of a Flood: Mindfulness Practices for Staying Afloat James Jacobson-Maisels

History and Literature of Plague

  1. Praying Away the Plague: Jewish Prayer During the Italian Plague, 1630-31 Yitz Landes
  1. Torah in Troubled Times: Experiencing Epidemic in Prague, 1713 Josh Teplitsky

Quarantine Reflections

  1. The Song of Sirens: A Covid Birth Story Tamara Tweel

  1. (Tractate) Shabbat in Quarantine Ethan J. Leib
  1. Beezus and Corona: Reading our Way through the Wilderness Ilana Kurshan

Time in Unprecedented Times

  1. Receiving the Finite Gift of Life Itself Zohar Atkins
  1. Aging in Place: A Spiritual Fact of Life Michael Fishbane

Strange Fire - Contents

Introduction, T.S. Mendola

You Three, Jacques Lezra


  1. Beautifully Angry, Dainy Bernstein
  2. Prophecies Against the Vernacular, S.J. Pearce
  3. Thanking Our Stars, Caitlin Wolper
  4. Children of Europe, Lorraine Schein
  5. Thoughts on Judaism and Magic by a Child of Holocaust Survivors, Lorraine Schein
  6. Survivors, Lorraine Schein
  7. Feeling Angry, Annie Goldberg
  8. Avodah Zarah, Hadassah Schneider


  1. Everything Old is New Again, Meghan Sterling
  2. The Other Talmud, Yelena Crane
  3. Gravewalkers, Annabel Cohen
  4. A Meditation on How, Caitlin Wolper
  5. In His Name, Marlaina Cockroft
  6. In the Time of Dying, Andrew Elias Ramer
  7. Second Diagnosis, Caitlin Wolper


  1. Advice For When You Are Pursued By Snakes, Shana Ross
  2. Theory of Night, Shana Ross
  3. In God’s Image, Caitlin Wolper
  4. Love Thy Neighbor, Rivqa Rafael
  5. Shabbos Girlfriend, Meep Matsumisha
  6. The Whore’s Covenant, RG
  7. I just wanted to pin “LOVE” in my ears, Caitlin Wolper


  1. Malachai Hasharet, Katherine Hagopian Berry
  2. Weddings in My Coffee Cup, Abrielle Fuerst
  3. How I Became a Monotheist, David Zvi Kalman
  4. Grief Stage, Hadassah Schneider
  5. Bargains with God: A Eulogy for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Chapin Langenheim
  6. Ol’Time Religion, Anthony Mordechai Zvi Russell
  7. I’m Talking to My Plants Again, Erin Mizrahi

Jews vs Zombies - Contents

  • “Rise” by Rena Rossner
  • “The Scapegoat Factory” by Ofir Touche Gafla
  • “Like a Coin Entrusted in Faith” by Shimon Adaf
  • “Ten for Sodom” by Daniel Polansky
  • “The Friday People” by Sarah Lotz
  • “Tactrate Metim 28A” by Benjamin Rosenbaum
  • “Wiseman’s Terror Tales” by Anna Tambour
  • “Zayinim” by Adam Roberts