The Cabbalist’s Daughter

A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption

by Yori Yanover


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About this book

What if the Messiah finally came to redeem the world . . . and she turned out to be a girl? A gorgeous one, from a good Orthodox family in Scranton, PA, no less. Never mind that her father is strongman for the “Cosmic Wisdom Movement.” It turns out that she may have even better qualifications-shrouded in a twenty-year-old mystery. Whatever the source of Nechama Gutkind’s inspiration, the status quo will never be the same!

“Laugh out-loud funny. Complex and interesting plot. it was a great pleasure to finally read a novel featuring a Jewish theological approach to the apocalypse… for sheer fun and weirdness, The Cabalist’s Daughter excels”
The Jewish Reporter

“The most clever action-packed Jewish novel ever written. Yori maintains a pace of action in this book that can rival that of any of the best screenwriters in Hollywood today.”
Tzvee Zahavy, Tzvee’s Talmudic Blog

A wildly-fun fantastical Jewish Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe.
Laurie Gwen Shapiro author of The Matzo Ball Heiress

“A rip roaring read! It’s Tom Clancy meets Chabad meets feminism. I loved it.”
Judith Abrams, author of Talmud for Beginners

” This is a highly entertaining fantasy that sweeps through different cultures and experiences; Sam Spade, Science Fiction and the Midrash against a background of life in Crown Heights, unlike anything else you’ve ever read.”
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen