Tales of Tikkun

New Jewish Stories to Heal the Wounded World

by Rabbi Phyllis O. Berman & Rabbi Arthur O. Waskow


About this book

Tikkun means to repair and heal. With this book of new Jewish tales fashioned from ancient stories, Rabbis Berman and Waskow aim to repair our past, renew our future, and captivate our imaginations.

The eleven stories in this volume draw from and expand the midrashic tradition of Jewish creativity. They include a mythical quest by Noah and his wife Na’amah to save the world from modern-day rising oceans, retelling the Torah’s most difficult stories in a way that makes them whole and healing, and even an imaginative yet shockingly plausible vision of the Messianic age.

With its stories that include missing perspectives, unite people, and allow for healing and growth, Tales of Tikkun aims to keep the Divine Spirit alive in the Jewish people.