Splitting Hairs

by Michael J. Broyde

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Advance Praise

Rabbi Michael Broyde, in this book, analyzes in depth and carefully the issue of hair covering for women, and reveals how in all generations this discussion takes into account the sociological context as a significant consideration in the ruling of Halakha. The issue of women’s hair covering presents itself as a complex matter, encompassing various theological and personal elements, particularly within the framework of marital relationships and societal constructs. The examination of how each generation has achieved a balance among these components, with an emphasis on the sociological context, is interwoven throughout the entire book from the beginning until its conclusion. Delving into this book will greatly benefit those engaged in this specific subject matter, as well as those interested in gender-based social perspectives within Jewish halakhah as a whole.

Rabbanit Devorah Evron, Director of Ohr Torah Stone’s Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership

It is an extraordinary opportunity to receive a full-scale personal guided tour through the forest of Rabbinic teachings about modesty and head and hair covering from a true master of Halakha. Examining each tree, exploring each branch, and lovingly turning over each leaf, Rabbi Michael Broyde shares his brilliant analysis and innovative spirit while never missing the forest for the trees. His sensitivity to the Mesorah is matched only by his integrity in describing what is actually present in the texts rather what he or others might have wanted to find there. This is a glorious work of both Halakha and Hashkafa – read it and grow!

Rabbi Saul J. Berman, Professor of Jewish Studies at Stern College of Yeshiva University;
Rotter Fellow of Talmudic Law at Columbia University Law School

A comprehensive and thorough presentation of the halakhic sources with their various approaches regarding married women’s hair covering, together with the sociological context, is presented by Rabbi Prof. Michael Broyde in Splitting Hairs. One who studies this sefer halakha gains clarity and the foundation to fully understand the flow of the halakhic process – thus acquiring the ability to determine the proper application within contemporary society. Splitting Hairs is a gift for the scholar who is committed to halakha.

Rachel Levmore, PhD, Rabbinical Court Advocate, The Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention Project, Young Israel – Israel Region & the Jewish Agency