So Many Warm Words

Selections from the Poetry of Rosa Nevadovska - a bilingual edition

by Merle L. Bachman, translator


This item will be released on September 5, 2024.
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Advance Praise

In this exquisite bilingual collection, Merle Bachman brings into English the Yiddish poems by an all-but-forgotten poet whose peripatetic life extended from Bialystok to Berlin and, after 1928, from New York to Los Angeles and back. Selected mostly from Rosa Nevadovska’s posthumous 1971 Lider mayne (My Poetry), the poems in Bachman’s book reveal a lyric voice that is at once grounded in the American landscape and yet rises to shared sensory and spiritual experience. “The things around me absorb language,” says the poet through Bachman’s elegant translation, and indeed, it is by rendering the Yiddish into English that the translator brings these poems alive for a new audience. “And when shadows rise from corners,/ A whole other reality unfurls,” revealing “a secret world.” The world of Nevadovska’s poems is one of emotional depth and subtlety, where, in the experience of yearning, the poet transforms into an eagle, drifting above the mountains to “glimpse the world anew.”

Kathryn Hellerstein, Professor of Germanic Studies (Yiddish), University of Pennsylvania; author, A Question of Tradition: Women Poets in Yiddish, 1586-1987