Nashim Mesolelot

Lesbian Women and Halakha A Teshuva with Responses

by Rabbi Jeffrey Fox

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About this book

We are, thank God, living in a generation where frum gay Jews are asking halakhic questions. Rabbi Fox’s teshuva addresses the foundational question of intimate physical behavior between two women. Come and learn a fresh approach to an ancient question using classical sources. The teshuva works through much of the pertinent material from the time of the Gemara through the 21st century.

Rabbi Fox writes with a rigor and an openness that is so important these days. In addition, the book publishes a group of responses to the teshuva—some in support and a few opposed—as a model for how Halakha unfolds in contemporary Jewish community. You are invited inside this exciting beit midrash to appreciate the many voices of Torah.

Featuring responses from responses from Rabbi Zev Farber, Rabbi David Fried, Rachel Fried, Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, Rabbi Ysoscher Katz, Rabbi Aviva Richman, and Miryam Kabakov.