Jews in Space Calendar 5781

13 Month 2020/2021 Calendar Featuring Jewish and American Holidays, Weekly Torah Portions, Select Candle Lighting Times, and More

by Ben Yehuda Press


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About this book

If you don’t love space, you can stop reading now.

If you don’t find yourself needing a wall calendar to know when the Jewish holidays are, or what the weekly Torah portion is — we get it. You’re fully digital.

But if you’re still with us, have we got a calendar for you!

Yes, it’s the Jews in Space Calendar 5781 (2020-2021), featuring heavenly images from NASA and the Israeli space program, from a Juno picture of Jupiter to the launch of an Israeli Shavit rocket, from astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman repairing the Hubble Telescope to a Martian landscape. The calendar includes the secular and Hebrew dates, Jewish and American holidays, the weekly Torah portions, Shabbat candle lighting times for select cities from New York and Los Angeles to Jerusalem and Cape Canaveral, the birthdays of Jewish science fiction writers and actors, and important dates in space exploration, including the Apollo missions of 1970-1971.

The perfect Rosh Hashanah gift for yourself and the science fiction lovers in your life.