Eternal Questions

Reflections, Conversations, and Jewish Mindfulness Practices for the Weekly Torah Portion

by Rabbi Josh Feigelson


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About this book

How can we make our study of Torah not only “interesting,” but truly transformative in our own lives?

In this volume of original essays on the weekly Torah portion, Rabbi Josh Feigelson guides readers on a journey that weaves together Torah, Talmud, Hasidic masters, and a diverse array of writers, poets, musicians, and thinkers.

Each essay includes questions for reflection and suggestions for practices to help turn study into more mindful, intentional living.

Whether you are new to studying Torah or have been studying it for a lifetime, whether you engage with it on your own, with a study partner, or in a study group, Eternal Questions will help you feel more at home in Jewish life and in your own life.


Advance Praise

“Eternal Questions is, truly, the Torah of wholeness. It is a guide to bringing Torah into our lives, into our bodies, into our breath, into our relationships—into realizing the expansive, transformative potential of Jewish sacred text and practice. This is the wisdom that we always need—but maybe particularly now, more than ever, during these turbulent times.”
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, author, On Repentance and Repair

“Why is this book of Torah commentary different from other ones? Because it is less a display of the writer’s rabbinic sagacity (though he has plenty) than a practical, actionable invitation to deep, personal reflection. As its title implies, it is, first and foremost, about asking questions, grounded in a combination of traits that my friend Rabbi Josh Feigelson uniquely embodies: a sophisticated yet reverent fluency with Jewish text, a commitment to contemplative practice, and above all, what some would call menschlichkeit: decency.”
Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson, author, The Heresy of Jacob Frank and The Gate of Tears: Sadness and the Spiritual Path

“Welcome to a seat beside the warm and highly learned Rabbi Feigelson. Your heart will open and your mind lock into clarity. Eternal Questions is a work of wisdom and love. It welcomes all seekers to share in a deeply personal inquiry that brings Torah immediately into a reflection of the spirit.”
Dr. Lisa Miller, author, The Spiritual Child and The Awakened Brain

“Rabbi Josh Feigelson has penned one of the most unique works on the parsha, beautifully synthesizing worldly knowledge with classic Torah and Chassidic teaching. Interweaving genius of mind with depth of soul he creatively shows how spirituality can give wings to foundational Jewish thought and profoundly impact our lives. Rabbi Feigelson’s commentary speaks directly to the heart, no doubt inspiring readers to find greater inner peace, greater meaning in life- reaching higher and higher still- to make a difference.”

Rabbi Avi Weiss, author, Spiritual Activism: A Jewish Guide to Leadership and Repairing the World


About the Author

Rabbi Josh Feigelson is President & CEO of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.

He grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and earned a B.A. in music at Yale University. Josh received rabbinic ordination at YCT Rabbinical School and a doctorate in Religious Studies from Northwestern University, where he served as a Hillel rabbi. He was founder and Executive Director of Ask Big Questions, a project of Hillel International which won the inaugural Lippman-Kanfer Prize for Applied Jewish Wisdom.

Josh has published numerous articles and chapters in both academic and popular publications. Eternal Questions is his first book.

Josh lives in Skokie, Illinois with his wife, Natalie Blitt, and their three children.

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