Chrysalis Summer

poems of transformation

by Suzanne Brody


This item will be released on June 25, 2024.

About this book

and I found//the cry of my soul//buried//in ancient text//opened//like comforting arms// when I needed it most.


In her sixth volume of poetry, Rabbi Suzanne Brody embarks on a journey of transformation and self-actualization. Drawing from her experience as Jewish educator, time spent in Jerusalem, and her love for text study Brody has crafted a delicate poetic cycle narrating of resilience in stillness, perseverance in patience as well as of the beautiful sense of liberation that new chapters can bring. 

About the Author

Rabbi Suzanne Brody is the author of five books of poetry and one novella: Dancing in the White Spaces (2007), Etz Chayim She: Modern Poems Grown from Ancient Texts (2015), Mermaid Tears (2020), Lunch with Rav Dimi (2021), Unearthed (2022), and Serah’s Secrets (2022). Her poetry has also featured in newsletters, prayer books, and conference summaries. A graduate of Wellesley College, Suzanne also has a PhD in neuroscience, and received rabbinic ordination from the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, CA. Her writing is infused with her passion for her family, education, and Judaism. In addition to writing, Suzanne has worked in both formal and informal educational settings, designed and taught numerous courses, participates in the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Laws and Standards, and serves as a JEA (Jewish Educator’s Assembly) Board Member.




Advance Praise

This eclectic collection of poems in Rabbi Suzanne Brody’s latest publication felt like snacking on a bag of flavored jellybeans while blindfolded. Each page offers a unique surprise, different from the one before. Each poem, with its own unique flavor, elicits a distinct feeling ranging from sweet, amused wonderings to spicy cries of frustration, pain, and longing, to simply savory, enjoyable nuggets. It’s a medley of Brody’s inner-voice and personal insights. Through her writing, we are invited into the thoughts and emotions of one woman who plays many roles–teacher, mother, rabbi, and artist. Topics stretch from the mundane business of cleaning up students’ glitter to weightier topics such as egalitarianism and Biblical texts. Lovers of poetry will surely appreciate this intimate display of self-reflection and observation.

Dori Weinstein, author of the YaYa & YoYo series