Bibliodrama Bundle

by Peter Pitzele


Our Fathers' Wells

A truly superb book, one that stretches the mind and nourishes the soul."
— Rabbi Harold S. Kushner

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Scripture Windows

Bibliodrama is a progress of stepping inside the biblical text and creating midrash as a process of improvisation. Peter Pitzele is the creator of this medium. This is his "how to do it," manual, the one used at the Institute for Contemporary Midrash training seminars.

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About this book

Bibliodrama is the art of midrashic improvisation. Ben Yehuda Press is proud to bring back into print updated editions of two classic works from the innovator of Bibliodrama, Peter Pitzele.

Our Fathers Wells: A Personal Encounter with the Myths of Genesis describes how Peter came to develop Bibliodrama, and what he learned about himself through his encounter with the Bible.

Scripture Windows: Toward a Practice of Bibliodrama is a guidebook for those who want to lead a Bibliodrama session in their own community.

Now, you can get both books for one low price.