Artifacts of Orthodox Childhoods

Personal and Critical Essays

by Dainy Bernstein, PhD, editor


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Table of Contents

Introduction – Dainy Bernstein

Part I:

  • A Childhood Siddur around 1990 – Hillel Broder
  • The Anachronisms of Hasidic Yiddish Biblical Coloring Books – Frieda Vizel
  • From Honey Cakes to Upsherin Cookies: Jewish Mothers at the Beginning of Jewish Boyhood Wendy Love Anderson
  • A Passover Haggadah with a Refreshing Appreciation of Violence – Yoel Finkelman
  • Devora Doresh and the Case of the Frum Girl Detective: Female Heroes in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Children’s Fiction – Meria Levinson
  • Cultural Ambivalence Praxis in Haredi Jewish Industrial Toy Design – Shlomi Eiger
  • Diagramming Modesty – Goldie Gross and Yehudis Keller
  • The Shomer Negiah Song: A Touchy Subject – Talia Weisberg

Part II: Song and Music

  • Parody and Pathos: The Art of Country Yossi – Elli Fischer
  • Passing on the Journey – Hannah Lebovits
  • The Music of the Marvelous Middos Machine – Lonna Gordon
  • Chanukah Songs, 1990s and 2020s – Miriam Moster
  • Pesach with Rebbe Alter – Miriam Bernstein
  • Lubavitch Summer Camp Songs – Schneur Zalman Newfield
  • Singing Our Sadness at Sleepaway Camp – Jessica Russak-Hoffman

Part III: Personal

  • “This Is the Greatest Show”: Bais Yaakov Production and My Orthodox Girlhood – Leslie Ginsparg Klein
  • Singing in the House of Jacob – Sarah Snider
  • A Zine called The Heresy: Angst and Apikorsus in a Modern Orthodox Day School – Sara Feldman, Abby Glogower, Sarah Gray
  • My Shul, My Place – Miriam L.
  • My Yechi Yarmulka – Chanan Maister
  • The Golem, Goyim, and the Hasidic Imagination – Shneur Zalman Newfield
  • Torah Shebe’al Peh – Devora Steinmetz
  • Ephemeral Memories of Childhood Ephemera – Shamma Boyarin