An Angel Called Truth and Other Tales from the Torah

by Rabbi Jeremy Gordon and Emma Parlons


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About this book

A collection of funny, engaging micro-tales for each of the portions of the Torah and one for each of the Jewish festivals as well.

These tales are told from the perspective of young people who feature in the Biblical narrative, young people who feature in classic Rabbinic commentary on our Biblical narratives and young people just made up for this book.


Bereshit – An Angel Called Truth


Vayera – An Angel Called Truth FINAL INS-3

Praise for An Angel Called Truth

This is a delightful, accessible, engaging introduction to midrash for kids. I know it’ll be in heavy rotation in my home; I imagine yours, too.
–Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, author of Nurture the Wow and other books.

A wonderful compendium of Bible stories that will engage your tween with interesting, imaginative tales followed up with thought-provoking questions.
–Rabbi Amy Grossblatt Pessah, author of Parenting on a Prayer


If you would like to go for a walk on your “ordinary” street and meet a bunch of strange and ancient stories hiding in “ordinary” clothes and asking you puzzles about your “ordinary” life, this is the book for you! 

–Rabbi  Arthur Waskow, co-author of Before There Was a Before.