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My Formal Entry into the Garden of Internet Blogging, Full of Snakes and Apples!

March 5, 2009

This is a far cry from my days on JCN, the Jewish Communications Network. Alot has happened on the Web since that time, but I've kept a rather low profile.

What lures me out from the lurker's corner is a chance to share in the excitement of new Torah and teaching tools with other educators, noodniks and armchair theologians like me--and NOT like me!!

What I am hoping for: An interactive community of people who want to learn, to teach, and to squabble about Text. I would like to see teachers talking to each other and sharing curriculum ideas and reproducibles. We are working on several arms of Jewish education: We are making our way through Tanakh with Yeshivat Chovevei Torah's amazing lectures-turned-readable essays. Our first book was Samuel. The next one coming out is Judges. We plan to have curriculum available for all the texts as they come out and a forum for teachers to share with other teachers what has worked in their classrooms.

We also have an amazing set of Holocaust books produced by twenty dedicated teachers from the Holocaust Consortium. The set is edited by Karen Shawn, Ph.D, who teaches Holocaust literature at Yeshiva University and was director of Holocaust education at the Morah School of Englewood, NJ, for many years. A Covenant Award recipient, she served for 10 years on the staff of Yad Vashem's summer Institute for Educators from Abroad. Her co-editor, Keren Goldfrad, collected essays by professors from universities in Israel, Australia, and America for the teacher's guide.

I realize how retro it is to rhapsodize about the internet. It's such a "given" in our lives, that it is uncool to be awed. But man, it's the library of Alexandria, the Smithsonian Institution and the Tower of Babel and more. It is our shared project: to know, to know and to know more. To connect and to learn, about each other and about ourselves. It's the Fifth Dimension. Let's play.

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