An Angel Called Truth

For all of us who make the weekly Torah portion part of our Shabbat with our kids…. but want something a little different than the usual.

Torah Stories for today's kids

The first thing you’ll notice when you open this collection of midrashy stories by Rabbi Jeremy Gordon and Emma Parlons are the stunning pictures by Pete Williamson.


Most of them are of kids, because these are all stories told from the point of view of kids.

Most of them are of kids dressed up back in Bible days, but some are contemporary.

((This is from the story for Kedoshim, entitled “Taking Revenge and Holding a Grudge.”)

And some are downright futuristic.

The back of the book contains references to the specific midrash or Talmudic passage that inspired the story — though one is attributed to Douglas Adams.

And each story includes discussion questions. Perfect for your Shabbat table.

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