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Author Pub. Date Price  
Judith Z. Abrams Aug 2005 $12.95
Abraham Isaac Kook,
Ben Zion Bokser (editor & translator)
Feb 2006 $19.95
Nicolette Maleckar April 2006 $17.50
Nathaniel Helfgot, Editor July 2006 $19.95
Shefa Gold Oct 2006 $19.95
Jewish Education in Transition:
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Jewish Education
The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora Feb 2007 $14.95
Bessie: A Novel of the 20th Century Lawrence Bush April 2007 $19.95
Dorothy Epstein August 2007 $16.95 $26.95
Isidore Century September 2007 $14.95
Simon Noveck September 2007 $24.95  
Rifka Rosenwein December 2007 $15.95
Dr. Karen Shawn and Dr. Keren Goldfrad, editors January 2008 $25
Dr. Karen Shawn and Dr. Keren Goldfrad, editors February 2008 $39.95
Lawrence Bush March 2008 $16.95
A Delightful Compendium of Consolation: A fabulous tale of romance, faith and adventure in the medieval Mediterranean

Burton L. Visotzky

March 2008 $18.95
Larry Yudelson & Yori Yanover September
Yori Yanover October 2008 $18.95
Irving Brecher, as told to Hank Rosenfeld January 2009 $25.00
In The Fever of Love: An Illumination of the Song of Songs
Shefa Gold February 2009 $14.95
32 Gates of Wisdom: Awareness through Kabbalah
Dovber Pinson February 2009 $9.95
"I Loved My Mother on Saturdays" and other stories from the shtetl and beyond Roslyn Bresnick-Perry February 2009 $16.95
Wrestling Jacob Shmuel Klitsner June 2009 $17.95
The Hillel Narratives
Louis Rieser July 2009 $17.95
Ahron's Heart: The Prayers, Teachings and Letters of Ahrele Roth, a Hasidic Reform
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi & Yair Hillel Goelman July 2009 $14.95  
A Talmud Tale: The Musical
Judith Z. Abrams June 2010 $14.95  
Free & Equal
Robert Badinter, Adam Simms (tr.) September 2010 $21.95
The Comic Torah Aaron Freeman & Sharon Rosenzweig Fall 2010    
The Association of Jewish Libraries Guide to Yiddish Short Stories Bennett Muraskin October 2011 $14.95  
Esau's Blessing Ora Horn Prouser January 2012 $17.50  
More Than Four Questions Sharon Marson March 2013 $12.95  
Loving the Real Israel Alex Sinclair October 2013 $14.95  
Opening the Book: A Friendly Introduction to the Classics of Rabbinic Judaism
Judith Z. Abrams Fall 2014    
Finding Chanah's Voice   Haviva Ner-David Fallr 2013    
Potato Chips, Men and Other Demons
Lilah Green TBD    
Collected Talmudic Writings
Hyman Klein TBD    

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