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Shoshana Hurwitz recommends Roslyn Bresnick-Perry to the Association of Jewish Libraries

July 15, 2010

Shoshana Hurwitz reviews "I Loved My Mother on Saturdays":
From Roslyn Bresnick-Perry's childhood in the shtetl to her immigration to New York and life into adulthood with a career in the fashion industry, this book cannot simply be considered a collection of short autobiographical stories, or even a transcript of the dynamic family history she has been relating orally to audiences for decades. Written mostly in the first person, which gives the reader a feeling like she is right there in your living room, a few major themes of Bresnick-Perry's stories include adventures in adjusting to Jewish life in America and ups and downs in her relationship with her mother (as illustrated in the book's title). As the captivated reader will discover once the author admits it to herself, the author's life is storytelling, which she eventually decides to make into her real career, and a very successful one it is. Recommended for all types of Jewish libraries.

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I Loved My Mother on Saturdays

I Loved My Mother on Saturdays

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